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Home Owners Insurance

With 840 miles of coastline, mild year-round temperatures, and plenty of sunny days, there are a lot of reasons to live in California, but insuring your new home won’t be as carefree as a day on the beach. The state is home to some rare — and potentially catastrophic — events. From sporadic hurricanes, to earthquakes, to infamous wildfires that cause widespread damage, California deals with its fair share of disasters.
While most homes go without damage year after year, the best homeowners insurance in California has to cover a wide range of “what if” possibilities.

Despite some extreme events, homeowners insurance premiums in California are relatively low compared to other coastal states. California residents pay an average of $966 per year for HO3 coverage, the most widely available policy, compared to $1,822 on average in Louisiana and $2,115 on average in Florida. But while a lower average premium may give homeowners a break, comparatively, California’s unique geography and risk of catastrophic events can have a big impact on individual premiums. If you’re insuring a home on a cliff or near the beach, for example, your premiums could be higher. The best way to tell is by getting quotes for your home and your area from a handful of providers.